the perks of being “home”

i’m technically in utah for a few days for a wedding and some work but i’m calling MN home these days:)

^ I have my own washer and dryer

^^ target is around the corner.  thank you mn for having the best targets out there.  perks of living in the same state as target corporate:)

^^ I can walk around in my robe…enough said.

^^ after traveling for 3 weeks it is so great to have my own pots and pans to cook what I like.  restaurants are great don’t get me wrong but sometimes I am sick of being that person at the restaurant who makes 10 substitutions and ask for dressing on the side.  that sounds so terrible but I just wanna cook my own meal the way I like it.

^^ king size bed with my main squeeze sleeping right next to me.  Oh and my other little main squeeze sleeping by my feet:)

^^ a closet! no more living out of a suit case!

^^ big bowl.  we love it.  I think its a chain in the midwest but its our new go to restaurant in Minnetonka.

^^ i live in Minnetonka.  try saying that without sounding like you are from Minnesota.

^^ no drama.  at least for a little while.  I am sure there will be dance studio drama here in mn but for now I am enjoying being a free bird.

^^ no more hulu to help me fall asleep! granted I still watch my episodes but conversation is so much better to fall asleep to!

All in all things are really great.  I am really happy to be with Carson and remmie and I think work is gonna work out just fine here:) The weather is beautiful.  Looking forward to kayaking, biking, more running, and exploring! So far I am in love with uptown.  Crossing my fingers I can convince Carson to live in that area someday.  Its hip and just what I love! Slowly finishing the decor on the apartment.  It will prob take me a year to finish it all and be happy with it.  If I was rich I would just hire West Elm to decorate it and call it good:) Thank goodness Carson works for 3M because those command strips have become mighty handy. It looks like Minnesota will be our home for awhile so it’s a good thing we are enjoying it so far:)


Jessie Ann

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  • Jenna
    September 23, 2013 at 12:34 am

    We totally have that chalkboard fixture! 🙂


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