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lets start this post of with a shameless self.  Remmie and I are pretty stoked to be hanging together for the week while carson is away at 3M training (not really) so lots of cuddles for us.  Can I first just mention that I need a good camera? I want to take pics of our new place but my iphone photos look like a toddler took the pic and I just cant make myself put those on the blog! some day I will justify spending the money for a nice camera.  tangent. sorry. onward!

Minnesota is fan freaking tastic   I am so in love with this place already! Minnesotans (i hope thats what they are called) have adorable accents! sOOO hAApy  bAAg,  and yOU bettchA.  See how I capitalized the vowels? I was trying to get you to see how they sound! It’s quite cute and I find myself mimicking them hoping it will stick! You never know utah…I may see you in a few months with a thick midwest accent:) Carson and I are trying to get as much in as we can before it gets cold.  The state fair is coming up and I CANNOT WAIT! I have heard that it’s the bees knees and I love a good fair:) I am not used to all the lush green everywhere coming from the desert.  Yes Utah has the mountains which I miss terribly but nothing like the green here! I am lost most of the time because I can’t see any landmarks past all the trees, bushes, and growth!

now check this out.  a full on crossing on my way to work! I was laughing for a good ten minutes while they made it across and then one duck would head back hence sending the whole flock back.  They were pretty indecisive for a good while and I was dying!!! The cars behind me were honking to try and get them to move but I just wanted to get out and join them.   Take my sweet time crossing the road and maybe decide I dont wanna cross and head back the other way.  Pretty great way to start the day:)  Along with ducks bugs are really getting to me.  I did not know the meaning of mosquitos till I moved.  I took remmie out dressed in leggings and a long sleeved shirt only to discover I was still stung through my clothes! Geez! Conveniently 3M makes bug spray so we are set along with a lifetime supply of tape.  Anyone need tape? we have more than our fair share.

We made it out to Minnehaha Falls and it was gorgeous.  Driving up I wouldn’t have guess this existed.  Its hidden in all the lush trees and greenery! Beautiful! Super friendly people and I want to go back, rent a bike, and ride around the whole park.  Finish of the night with some ice cream and call it a date:) Lately we have been using our date nights to go to Ikea and finish decorating our home! I can’t wait to show you what we have done but like I mentioned earlier I may need to borrow a nice camera for those photos:) Keeping with our need to get out and do all we can before the frozen tundra arrives we lucked out with awesome tix to a Twins game! I have never been to a major league baseball game and I had such a good time! Thank you thank you to our ward friends!


baseball is not as boring as I thought it was.  I thoroughly enjoyed the game and even more the atmosphere!  I was shocked to find a delish salad for dinner too! My kinda night:) Sadly they lost but I am thinking I can adopt the twins as my new team! I am due for some cute team get up:) seriously I am having such a blast! It’s all so new that it feels like I am on vacation without living out of a suit case:) So thankful for our awesome new ward, neighborhood, and new teaching opportunities  Teaching is gonna get exciting and I’ll share the deets soon!


Jessie Ann

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