Dance Party Friday

happy friday! I am so happy it’s friday! due to our opposite schedules I hardly saw carson this week and looking forward to a friday night of for the both of us! until then let’s get straight to the dancin!

I committed myself back the ballet barre…first class back after awhile wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it’s always inspriring to take class with legit ballerinas.  we’ll see how my body feels after a few weeks of that:) silly that as i get older i would love to just take class.  ballet class.  why did i hate it for so long as a kid? nothing better than sweating in a dance studio surrounded by other artists…can i just be paid to take class?

speaking of class….

matt luck is one of my favorite dancers to watch and this gives me the chills…oooooo i love dance.


this type of movement inspires me so much! its so human and really speaks volumes!


 a few new artists that are speaking to me lately are Marsen Jules  and although Ben Howard is not a new artist…lately I have been really inpsired by his muic! Two totally different artists but that’s the beauty of dance! it’s never the same stuff that keeps me going.  I get excited about new music and rediscovering the old goodies in my itunes:)

happy dance party friday!

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