Minnesota Mondays: Duluth

carson and I snuck away this weekend up north to Duluth to see the great lakes.  it’s about a 2 hour drive and totally worth it.  it reminded me of park city a little bit full of gorgeous fall leaves and the closet thing to a mountain town we have nearby.  carson gathered some “to do’s” from work friends and we checked most of them of the list.  we started with the Enger Tower.

it stands 80ft tall and provides the most gorgeous view of the entire city as well as the bay.  my iphone doesn’t do the view justice! lake superior is massive and looking out I couldn’t see an end to it.  we visited the local marine museum and learned that storms on the lake are even more dangerous than some in the ocean.  we learned about many large cargo ships laying on the bottom of the lake and the procedures it takes to safely dock the carriers. spending the night in the suby (we are hooked on subarus), we learned it still gets pretty dang cold! I have never laughed so hard as trying to make those sleeping arrangements work.  we wanted a “camping” weekend but we lacked one important thing….a tent… let’s just say we didn’t sleep well but sure had fun:)

so this cool bridge is called an aerial lift bridge.  the bottom part of the bridge that cars cross over (probably has a real name but I don’t kow what it is) actually slides upward to let huge ships through! how cool is that? I wish that a cargo ship had come through so we could’ve seen it. if it had been a little warmer I am sure we would have hung around a bit more but we didn’t last long with the cold…

the quality of this photo is pretty awesome but we had to document the moment at the famous anchor bar and grill.  it was featured on diners, drive-ins, and dives (one of my favorite shows) and apparently the best burger in town. we were not let down! I have a confession to make…I am not a fan of burgers and have never really had a full on burger, bun and all…but today it happened! oooh baby it was so good and worth the stomach ache later.  long story short we had a great weekend rejuvenated for the week ahead!

happy minnesotta monday!

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