running late…Dance Party Friday

Ugh I am running late…. I’m sorry! This week has been full of dance so I’ve got lots to talk about.  The fabulous Travis Wall was in town and I managed to make it to class.  Yes he is quite talented but past that I have learned to appreciate any class.  Surrounded by other dancers, sweating like crazy, and pushing myself to move better! I wish that young dancers would realize that before graduating.  I sure didn’t.  Now that class isn’t available to me everyday, when I get a chance to take it I make it happen.  I may not be 18 anymore but getting older provides more than sore muscles and lack of flexibility… it provides maturity.  I’m not in class to impress anyone anymore.  I’m in class to improve myself and that pushes me as an artist.  It’s nice to stand in the back row and dance full out.  Just for myself, not for a director, boss, or casting audition.

ballet class on the other hand….rough…always very humbling. I grew up taking ballet 5 days a week while training but I was no serious ballerina.  Ballet is the essential to all other types of movement so it is great for me….just hard…I’ve made a goal to get to ballet at least 3 days a week if not more in the city.  Class is with the professional dancers from MDT which is intimidating but I need to go.  It’s not going to get better by sitting at home:)

On that note I love the city.  Class is in the heart of Minneapolis and I love the city feel! I would seriously love to move deeper into the city! The theatre and arts district is pretty big and I would love to explore a bit more.

Lots of writing today I’m sorry! Let’s move on… When I was in Canada with Donny and Marie I took class from Eyrn Waltman and fell in love with her stuff! She has her own company and they are gorgeous! Check it out…


Happy Dance Party Friday



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