mn mondays: halloween fail

(lets start this monday out with a totally unrelated photo …your welcome)

welp carson and i had plans to find something halloween to do over the weekend and it was quite a fail…we heard that anoka was the halloween capital of the world so there must be something to do there.  or so we thought. we drove up there with really no knowledge of what to expect.  i guess there are daily events but they are located all around town and not what you would expect. we drove into town and there was no corn maze, haunted house, or halloween activities in sight.  we pulled out the trusty iphone and found the website.  i laughed as i read that evenings event…anoka halloween royalty contest located at the high school.  not exactly what we were hoping to find.  so we took some angry face selfies in the car and headed to target and then trader joes for weekly groceries.  luckily we are both fans of grocery shopping and trader joes is my happy place. every time we go, there is some new product i need and carson is a fan too.  i walk out with brussel sprouts and he walks out with speculous cookie butter.  it’s a win win.

on a happier note i have been teaching and setting choreography out here on mn dancers.  it’s been really fun and a learning experience to work with different dancers than i had grow used too in utah.  midwest dance is a little different than utah and im excited to take a back seat during comp season and watch how it all goes down. comps like “hall of fame” are huge in mn where back in utah we never attended that comp.  so like i said, im excited to see how it all goes:)

happy monday!


jessie ann


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