dp friday

first of all i hope you all had a safe and fun halloween filled with lots of goodies! i know i did… time for the treadmill…but first lets talk dance.  its been a weird week with halloween night off so i am kinda making up my hours today.  poor carson.  i’m using my friday night teaching. woot! but we are gonna finish of the night with Enders Game! we have both been listening to the book with our audible account and looking forward to the movie! hopefully it lives up to our expectations!

moving on… i have been thinking a lot about what my identity is as a dancer/choreographer.  i want to find my voice and for dancer’s to recognize movement as mine.  its tough because there are so many good choreographers out there who have already found their place. and they are fabulous! i watch their videos in awe and love taking their classes too! how do i make my stamp seen when dance is already filled with so many well established names.  its not so much that i want to be a big name in dance its more that i want exposure as a dancer/choreographer and to make people feel something.  ive got a lot to learn and time to do it but it is something always looming in the back of my mind.  i try to push myself and never let my teaching style or movement get too comfortable.  its when im comfortable and confident i know i need to push myself further.  i love to see that dance isn’t just about legs, tricks, and how many turns you can do these days.  my favorite to watch and choreograph is the simple movement that leads us through a story.  helps us connect to an emotion we know and have lived through every day life.  thats the beauty of art.  connecting all types of people.

you all know by now i love watching both emma portner and matt luck dance.  but them together? soooo good! its simple…yet it inspires me and all they do is sit!


and just for fun…i’m sure most of you have seen this circulating around the internet but i love it! so many familiar faces and dance is making it into every flight on virgin america! how cool is that? i love how main stream dance is becoming and its exciting!


its a quick dance party friday today! happy friday!


jessie ann


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