Watcha Wearing Wednesday: Aztec

im gonna start this post off with a disclaimer…i am no fashion blogger but i love clothes! i love shopping, looking cute, and feeling confident in what i wear.  so the last few wednesdays ive been sharing a little bit about fashion and it’s been fun.  i dont have a budget to buy new clothes everyday for posts, or even an amazing camera to catch it all.  i felt silly posting things like this but then i thought whats stopping me? the judgement of others? thats silly right?  so here goes:)

i have this sweater in black and white as well and i love it! i probably wear it too often but i can’t help myself.  its bold, baggy, and not to mention warm:)

fall is my favorite season to dress for because i love layers and clothes with volume!  im pretty partial to aztec as well! i’m a huge fan of those interesting prints.  makes it easy to pair with some skinnies and a simple top! doesn’t take too much thought but feels natural and feels like me!

my sweater is from urban outfitters and currently sold out but you can find similar aztec sweaters herehere, and here.

happy watcha wearing wednesday!


jessie ann

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  • Gentri
    October 30, 2013 at 6:08 am

    SOOOOO CUTE!! I love this whole outfit!


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