dp friday: how i find music

music is a love/hate relationship.  music is so awesome isn’t it? speaks to my soul (unless it’s miley cyrus…yikes), gives me chills, and makes me wanna move! good music is easy to find, but great music needed for an epic piece? definitely a little bit more difficult. its not just about finding a great song with a good beat, it has to be interesting, “never heard before”, and has a build insuring the song doesn’t stay the same or get boring. its a tough balance.  for example we have all fallen in love with lorde right? “cuz we’ll never be royals…” carson gave me a heads up about her while we were living apart (mn has way better radio) and then she blew up all over the radio everywhere! there is also the problem of finding a great one, and then seeing 6 other studios using the same song. its a tricky business this music thing.

luckily its not all that bad.  the internet and itunes have made it a TON easier to find new artists.  lets talk about itunes first. it takes a little digging to find what you are looking for but there is a nifty little feature called the “listeners also bought” bar at the bottom of the page.

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right now i am loving ben howard and so maybe i would search for one of his songs, purchase one i love and then search the “listeners also bought” for something similar yet not so main stream. its kinda hit and miss with this tactic but i have found some awesome stuff ive really loved! thankfully itunes is not the only avenue for music.  often i search youtube for covers of songs i love and different sounds i am not familiar with.  a lot of unknown artists depend on youtube so if you can find a good one, its gold!

 i recently discovered 8tracks from a friend and she has had great luck finding good music… i am still trying to figure it out but basically its a way for artists or just regular peeps like me to create a playlist of what they love and share it.  almost like a social media site dedicated to music without the hassel of a regular social media site. i use the app on my smart phone and play it like you would pandora or even itunes radio.  you are able to get artist info and song titles! 8tracks is a little less mainstream than itunes or even spotify so its exciting to discover new artists and songs. music is what moves us as dancers so this may seem like a lot of work to a regular person but it’s so worth it! there is nothing more rewarding than the getting the chills while watching your choreography set to an incredible piece of music:) can be a daunting task but a fun one!

happy dance party friday!


jessie ann

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