minnesota mondays…gloom and doom


this is how we cope with the darkness and cold that is suddenly arriving way to early here in minnesota. we act like children and go laser tagging….what else is there to do? saturday was a crazy day.  i taught for a good part of the morning and into the afternoon while carson sold the toyota matrix.  woot! then we headed home and carson proceeded to study (3m certification tests) and i hit the gym hard! i tell you all this because it was about 4:30 ish when i made it to the gym and it was already close to dark.  i walked back up to our apartment around 5:30 and it was as dark and cold as midnight! i couldnt believe it! i don’t know if i can survive 6 months of this gloom and doom. so we are going to be exploring all that the twin cities has to offer inside:) including the indoor water park of america…dont judge:)

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