Watcha Wearing Wednesday: Inspired Oversized Style

it’s another wednesday which means its another fashion post! woot! we all know that i swoon over anything oversized and when i saw this on pinterest i knew i needed to find those items for my closet! so lucky for you, i found similar items that are budget friendly! well most are for the exception of the booties but i am dying to have those in so ill be saving my pennies! i am not so sure i should be wearing oversized with being a short girl but i seriously love it! rules out the window because i can guarantee you’l see me in all things oversized with a wine colored lip this holiday season:)


 *don’t forget you can click on these images below for a direct link to make them yours!


jessie ann

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  • Lydia Nelson
    December 3, 2013 at 7:23 am

    haha, of course the thing i would love most on this list is the most expensive 😉 those booties really are divine. did you notice they’re also in one of sydney’s latest posts on thedaybookblog.com? awesome.


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