Minnesota Monday: Miss Rue Bug


if you follow me on instagram you know by now that we have added a cute addition to our family. meet miss rue. she is a morkie. she is a little diva who remmie is not so sure about yet. she is cute and catching onto potty training…well for the most part…and stealing our hearts. her mannerisms are funny and quite different from what remmie was like when he was a pup.  she is constantly trying to bury toys hiding them from remmie, nipping at our toes, and prancing around like a rabbit.

if i am being totally honest i will admit that the first two days i was not so sure about our purchase.  it happened kind of quickly and potty training is no fun.  i have to remember remmie and it took time for us let him have his freedom around the house. so in time they will be besties and both peeing outside:)

all in all we love her.  welcome to the james gang miss rue.


jessie james


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