wacked out wednesday…

wow it has been a week…there is no quite fashion post for ya today.  i kinda dropped the ball this week with being on top of it all! we have some new changes at home which are exciting and i’ll be sure to tell you all about that soon.  until then more utah! i spent a huge part of the trip setting choreography at center stage, so great to be back “home” and working with the kids again, but lots of work. i felt honored they would have me back as a guest and the numbers turned out great.  i am really looking forward to seeing them costumed and on stage soon! we made sure to schedule out sometime to visit family and friends and eat some turkey of course 🙂

we are so blessed with so many loved ones and even the little ones have changed so much since the last time we were in town! i finally got the chance to meet the latest addition to my side of the family! little lennon lou! isn’t she the sweetest?? although she did puke on me and not happy to leave her momma’s arms, i still love her! family is the center of our lives and we are so so fortune we got to spend a good chunk of time with all of them! christmas is on our own this year here in mn.  we have never not been with family so it will exciting to make our own traditions but i am sure a little difficult missing family.

 the christmas tree is up, stockings hung, wood stocked by the fire…i think we can handle christmas on our own!!


Jessie Ann

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