Watcha Wearing Wednesday (everything i own because its cold)

all thanks to the polar vortex, my wardrobe basically consists of what is going to layer the easiest so i can stay warm.  hence my lack of any sort of fashion or pictures of myself through the winter. on facebook the other day i saw this article that listed the coldest cities in the u.s. and guess where minnesota landed? number 1. NUMBER 1.  why do i live here?


( i get this pic is totally unrelated but i dont leave my house in this cold hence no cute photos to post:)

^no longer do i walk from my car into the store…i run

^i always leave the house with my boots, knee length parka, hat, two pairs of gloves, and winter socks….and thats just for a trip to the grocery store

^shaved legs? rarely.  i hear the hair keeps you warm

^seat warmers were invented by those who live in minnesota i’m sure…

^school is canceled because of the cold. i would rather be in school than live through this cold

^my breath freezes to the inside of the windshield its so cold

^our puppies have a patch of grass on our porch blocked from the wind.  no way am i bundling all up to go out and by the time i do there is sure to be pee already in the corner

^our puppies have boots…enough said

^today we had a fire evacuation (false alarm) and had to wait outside. for a second i longed for the heat of fire (terrible i know)

^all i crave is junk food.  is that a winter hibernation thing? it must be

^never been more tempted to lay in a tanning bed

all in all i am over this polar vortex. wheres the beach?


jessie ann






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