how my injury was the best confidence boost yet..

how was your super bowl sunday? i have to admit i don’t really care for football so i was mainly in it for the commercials and the half time show.  and bruno mars did not disappoint but the game on the other hand did…i don’t know anything about football so let’s just keep moving:)

some of you know via instagram that i recently discovered i had a stress fracture in the ball of my foot. also known as  sesamoiditis restricting me from regular exercise or dance.  bummer huh? any athlete knows that an injury is the kiss of death because they rarely heal all the way and result in later treatment.  it comes with the job i guess and i can’t stand taking time off.

IMG_0674 so when the doc says no activity that allows pressure on that part of your foot for at least a month i almost laughed at him. i awkwardly accepted the boot and hobbled out of the office for some retail therapy.  while spending money i realized that time off is exactly what my foot needed but i needed to figure out a way to stay active, especially in all this cold.  so i asked around and decided swimming a few days a week as well as this place called discover strength would be the perfect solution.

to my surprise swimming is super hard and discover strength only allows you to go twice a week because its so tiring on your muscles. all i could think about was how fat (terrible i know…we owe dancing my whole life to that mentality)  im gonna get with this injury but to my surprise the switch in workouts and time off my foot has changed my body in a more positive way than i could have ever guessed! my self confidence is at an all time high and it took me getting injured to realize what i needed.  i needed to take a step back, stop stressing about my workouts, and take care of myself.  who woulda thought? i am a terrible swimmer but i love it! im exhausted after 30 mins and its so peaceful in the water. not to mention i imagine i am an olympian and winning gold (far off but i can dream). my body is changing and its not taking an hour a day of cardio to do it!

so getcha bums in the water peeps or just try something new. it may be exactly what you need:)


jessie ann



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