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Free People Wish List
so my darling friend katia (who should be a super model) wears the cutest clothes and she introduced me to free people.  yes of course i knew it existed but i never had been.  i wandered in to look for a costume and fell in love. thanks mall of america 🙂  first of all the whole store is a dream.  i would pay whoever’s job it is to come to my apartment and redecorate.  oh and throw in a walk in closet full of free people just because:) i’d take that over winning the lottery. yikes maybe my priorities are off:) but it is a tad on the pricey side so its not shop there once a week kind of a place.  i will say that it’s very worth it once you find that one piece you love.  i bought a pair of jeans that fit like a glove for a reasonable price.  finding jeans for my body type is rough but i found the perfect fit and ill be back for more.  all these pics below are shoppable!
jessie ann

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