the oscars best

the oscars! i’m not sure why but i love watching award shows! maybe its my small connection as an entertainer, longing to be in fashion, or the overall fabulousness (is that a word? idk…) of it all, but i am drawn to it! so many beautiful dresses on the red carpet and here are a few of may favs…


emma watson in vera wang.  what a beautiful woman and her accent makes her seem so cool. i’d be her friend…


lupita nyong’o in prada.  gorgeous and congrats to her! what an accomplishment:) best dressed on my list:)


and the most beautiful couple in the world.  anyone else notice how adorable they were together all night? oh my goodness! i was swooning at them! brad pitt in tom ford and angelina in elie saab. carson is not a fan of award shows so we compromised and turned it off halfway through.  thanks to social media it wasn’t too hard to keep up with the results.

if my fairy godmother granted me one night as star i would choose the oscars. put on an amazing gown, sit amongst incredible talent, and enjoy the glamour. bibbidi bobbidi boo.


jessie ann


  • Kristen
    March 3, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    Aw, I think lupita nyong’o is on everyone’s best dressed list today. 🙂 She’s so pretty, as is Emma Watson. I’d be friends with any of the people on this list.

    • jessie.james
      March 4, 2014 at 4:09 am

      i agree! she is probably on everyones list today! lets take a lunch date with emma watson and we can be besties together! ha! thanks for coming by!


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