never in one place for long…

i always giggle a little bit when people contact me, strike up conversation, and are surprised to hear i’ve moved yet again. i really haven’t been in one place very long and it’s been quite an adventure.  i have also learned a lot along the way.  a lot about who i am, who carson is, and who we are as a team.

IMG_4699carson and i are best friends. duh. but i feel like i really mean that when i say it.  we are all we’ve got out here and until we make friends the weekends is just us. we like our independence and have grown to love the adventure of it all!

we’ve been in cali for just about 3 weeks now and it already feels like home! i am working at  lululemon athletica still (thank goodness i could transfer) and have enjoyed getting to know the team! so grateful for good people in this world because the ladies and gents of my team have welcomed me with open arms.  lots of sweat dates, yoga on the beach, and smoothies.

not to mention this is dance mecca out here! how blessed am i to finally be in a place where i can take class daily if i wanted as a professional? gives me the butterflies just thinking about how amazing it all is! we are truly blessed. cheesy? yes. sorry about it 🙂

I’ve met a few crazy people/cult members, celebrities, and seen some interesting clothing choices, but all i can say is this is going to be one heck of a ride!

i am one happy girl.


jessie ann


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