healing for the soul

oh wait i have a blog? yep.  sorry i’ve been very neglectful over here.  life has been busy and i feel super blessed to be constantly working.  there is something special i want to share here with all of you and hopefully a few dancers will read it too! as most of you know this past week i was in Dallas at the SoulEscape Summer Intensive.  i had attended the event as a student in 2008 and i haven’t had the opportunity to be back till now.  i was excited to do the show again and the show was a fantastic one but what i wasn’t prepared for was the feelings i would feel throughout the rest of the week.


IMG_5258the week began with classes and placement auditions for the kids to be placed in the numbers of the show.  we danced, sweated, bruised, and laughed along side the kids in classes, show rehearsals and i even had the opportunity to teach! there is something to be said about teaching for me.  not all dancers love it and there is nothing wrong with that.  i feel safe and at home as a teacher.  suddenly all the issues i deal with as a dancer/performer slip away and it becomes more about those little artists than me.  i feel passionate about sharing what i have done my whole life with these eager dancers.  i was amazed at how trusting and open they were from day one of the week! no fear from the students and the vulnerability and growth was special to watch.


growing up as a dancer i’ve always had the impression that i didn’t just want to be a “teacher”.  the more that i have been on stage and looking back at the opportunities i’ve had i can’t think of a time i have felt as fulfilled as i did watching the students perform the SoulEscape show. it’s healing. watching a dancer walk into class on monday and leaving as a totally inspired, changed dancer saturday is special to witness.  this is not to down play being a dancer in any way but i am hooked.  first off i think that Justin Giles and SoulEscape create a safe place for these dancers and its unique in the way that dancers get personal attention. i am honored to be apart of all that.

thank you SoulEscape, Justin Giles, and all those who attended the intensive for changing me and helping me grow as a dancer and teacher. i’m forever changed.


jessie ann

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