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My Inspiration to Juice [Williams-Sonoma Juice Week]

Hi friends!

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Summer is wrapping up fast and the leaves are going to change before we know it! Summer is a time for sunshine, laying out poolside, and eating fresh veggies but don’t be too sad because fall is for cuddling up in light sweaters and enjoying the cooler temperatures. Since moving to Cali we have enjoyed the farmers markets and fresh produce! my juicer has loved it even more and so has my body! Not to mention there is an organic juice cafe on every corner!  I’m joining the Williams-Sonoma Juice week and here to chat all things juice:)

Now if i am being totally honest sometimes juicing can be THE WORST.  the clean up, carrot pulp, or beet stained hands, can make any normal person run for the hills but let me tell you why i got into juicing and why i love it!

My sweet grandma who would hand me the moon if she could and lives a very healthy lifestyle.  She has a good amount of health restrictions and dietary intolerances and has to monitor what she eats very carefully.  thankfully, she set a healthy precedent for us as little ones in her home.  i was an awful baby.   i was allergic to dairy, formula, and had bad stomach issues (which i still deal with now).  I feel terrible my mom had to deal with me and hopefully i’ve made up for it since:) my grandma suggested we try goats milk so we headed to the goat farm to give it a shot.  only one problem… no one informed my mom it needed to be diluted so i basically was drinking straight cream.  well you can guess how that turned out and i’ve got baby pictures to prove how fat i got!   once my grandma made the connection it was the cream making me large and not really improving my stomach issues, they started juicing to help me get the nutrients i needed. I LOVED IT! I drank so much fresh carrot juice the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet turned orange!  As long as i can remember my grandma has used fresh juice to remedy many a problem and it was always a treat at grandmas house when she juiced. She has perfected the art of fresh apple and every time i juice i can only think of my sweat grandma.

Dealing with the stomach issues i have, juicing has helped me absorb nutrients that i am lacking as well as improv my overall health. The real challenge  is getting my husband on board because he wont touch a salad with a 10 ft pole let alone a fresh batch of apple/carrot juice. Maybe i’ll work him in slowly with all fruit juices:) i’ll keep ya posted on that one.

Juicing can be easy too! its the perfect way to use up some produce and who doesn’t love saving a few dollars making your own juice?! I posted about my juicer here if you are looking into getting one.  I am in the market for a new one and found a few different brands I would love to have! I am looking into this Breville Juicer Fountain Plus. Ive read a lot of reviews for Breville and all have mostly been positive! There is a range of price too depending on what you are willing to spend. You can check out more information about Juicers at Williams-Sonoma’s Juicer page   A few of my favorite combinations that are super easy (i’m all about easy) are below! I don’t use any real measurements which makes it a little more fun to have your own creations. Does anyone else feel a little like a witch brewing a potion while juicing?! Because I do…

  1. Spinach + Apple + Carrot + Lemon
  2. Pineapple + Cucumber
  3. Carrot+Apple+Ginger
  4. Green Apple+Spinach+Kale+Lemon
  5. Blood Orange+Tangerine +Grapefruit

I would love to hear some of your favorite recipes! Tell me your funny juicing stories or share your go to juice! If you’re not a juicing fan feel free to stop by the James household anytime and i’ll change your mind:)


Jessie Ann

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