5 ways to stay on top of your “diet” + {my whole30 goals}

Now I put diet in quotations because I don’t really believe in diets, but I do believe in eating a certain way to support your body. I have my ups and downs and times when I take really good care of myself and others when it all goes out the window. I firmly believe that my body functions better when am aware of what enters my body. I can work out every day and not feel a difference if I am not eating well.

We head to Brazil in about a month and I decided to do a whole30 to reset my system (been feeling a little tired and yucky lately) and hopelly trim up a little:) I start officially on the 15th so wish me luck. I’ve come up with five ways to stick to it. Whether it’s a diet, a small goal to spend less money, or a workout plan, these tips will help.

1. Tell someone. It will always be helpful to have someone to keep you accountable. Hence why I am telling all of you! Make sure that person is aware of your goals and ask them to be supportive.

2. Prepare. For example, the whole30 is strict diet based on paleo principles and is going to take some food prep and planned grocery shopping to make it successful. If your goals are to work out more, plan a schedule that you know you can handle.

3. Make it a reality. Speak in the now about your goals. Don’t say “I will workout more”, say “I do workout more”. “I do eat healthy”. I fully belive we can achieve anything once we put it out into the universe.

4. Set mini goals. I am setting weekly goals to make 30 days seem less daunting. Maybe running a 10k is your goal. It’s not going to happen on day one. Little steps get us to the top, not one huge jump.

5. Be patient with yourself. We set goals to better ourselves and they shouldn’t always be easy. How are we bettering ourselves if we stay in our comfort zone all the time? You will have slip ups ( we’re all human) and that’s ok! Get up and try a little harder the next day. Yesterday is in the past, today is the present so make it count towards your future! I should be a motivational speaker that last line was a little cheesy;)

I’m putting my goal out there friends! I’ll keep you posted here on recipes if you’d like to join in!


Jessie Ann

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