Why I Will Never Turn The Radio On Again…..

I’m sure you all know the words to Meghan Trainors “All About That Bass” by now as it is all over the radio. Did you hear that she has been accused of skinny shaming? Apparently that’s a thing. I wasn’t aware. Also accused that her lyrics are suggesting a woman’s worth is determined by what a boy thinks. Which I don’t agree with. That’s a post for another day…

“Boys like a little more booty to hold at night”

“I won’t be no stick figure silicon Barbie doll” (I agree with this one for sure)

Horrible right? She shouldn’t be allowed to write music…..

Hold up….

Can you see where this is going? Two things happening here. Can people on the Internet take a chill pill for a second? Obviously I’m never going to stop listening to the radio….She is more talented than most and just because you may feel insecure your not a famous artist, doesn’t mean we are justified in trashing her. She is singing about confidence and working through her insecurities. I don’t think she is shamming anyone. Her message is to help girls love their bodies. Can’t we leave it at that?

Comments like these all over the Internet: “Having a good body image should be about supporting health at any size, not body shaming someone as a “stick figure”. It is a shame, since this could otherwise have been a very uplifting and catchy song!”

Statement from Meghan:

“I don’t criticize skinny people! I would never shame a skinny person!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know who would want to. I guess they stop listening immediately after I say ‘skinny b-tches’ and just turn it off. But I say, ‘Just kidding, I know even you think you are fat.’ For instance, I have skinny friends and some of them will stand in front of the mirror and go, ‘Eugh, I’m just like so big.’ And I’m standing there going, ‘If you’re big then what am I?’ That’s not right. So I was just saying that. There was a huge Twitter account that made a blog about ‘This is a body shaming song.’ I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, okay…’ I don’t get it. No, I would never shame a skinny person. It makes no sense.”

Secondly, the world is concerned about a decent song about being comfortable with your body and not at all concerned about songs like Anaconda. Every time that comes on I can’t believe it’s on the radio. Now I’m not going to tear it apart because that would make me a hypocrite for what I discussed above but Just food for thought america. We’re ok to tear about Megan Trainor but we haven’t thought about what Nicki Minaj is singing about?


Jessie Ann

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