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james'15-67Photography by Chantel Marie

I am so excited to share my new website with all of you! I’m mostly excited to have a space that I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts, ideas, and sometimes even my moves! My first blog, “A Spoonful of Freckles”, started out as health and fitness related blog and over the last few years it has evolved into so much more.  To be honest, I almost felt hypocritical always posting about health when I had my days of eating donuts and didn’t feel all that healthy.  It almost made me crazier to be so health focused 24/7.  I needed some balance. So that’s what you’ll see here. Balance. And hopefully a lot of honesty. This is a space that I can speak about my life as a professional dancer, wife, and all that comes with that.  Of course you will still find me ranting about health since it is something I am passionate about, but you’ll get puppy pictures, marriage adventures, and travel all mixed in! We moved to LA to chase our dreams and I am so excited to document the adventures ahead. 



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