10 Things I’ve Learned in LA Traffic



1. There are no laws. Ok maybe not that dramatic but in the handbook it says to follow the flow of traffic at all times.  Welp… if the flow of traffic is going 80 then you betta keep up!

2. Merging is a near death experience.  Motorcycles are allowed to drive in between lanes and come flying up behind you at any moment.  Imagine trying to merge and some motorcycle comes zipping up in your exact merge spot!

3. Everyone believes they are more important than you.  They’ve got somewhere to be and of course they need to get there faster than you.

4. Find an audiobook or soothing meditation music.  If your going to be sitting in your car for at least an hour at a time you might as well make it useful. It’s the perfect time for choreo music search and some car-ography.

5. Cops will stop you for talking on the cell phone but didn’t seem to notice the land rover next to me flying by at at least 85.  goodness even I know that’s over the speed limit.

6. When a really expensive car drives by I secretly hope for a celeb citing. It has yet to happen…

7. We now measure distance in time rather than miles.

8. A great pair of shades is required. Thank you Target.

9. Somehow I am always amazed that there is traffic at 6 am.  Why is everybody up?! A drive to the airport for an 8 am flight is impossible!

10. I’m getting used to this LA commute just like I got used to the Minnesota winter.  Its a love hate relationship.  A necessary evil if you will. If it means great class or new adventures i’ll take it!


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