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let’s move abroad


If any of you keep up with me on social media you know that we relocated our lives to Barcelona, Spain. It didn’t happen as glamorous as my instagram feed makes it seem so let me catch you up. Back in the fall/winter of last year Carson started pursuing MBA programs and started the application process. We had a few other schools on the list along with IESE and decision time didn’t happen till this past April. We tossed around the decision to move abroad a few times, but once he got accepted we really had to think about it.  It came down to midnight the evening before decision was due and we finally made our decision to got to Barcelona for grad school. It was this exciting fantasy for a few weeks and then things got real really fast! The process of acquiring our visa’s was super long (if any of you need to do that, I have all the good tips) and stressful! After a ton of paper work and fees, everything came back go to go! We were clear to travel.


We headed to Spain in August of this year and jumped right into things as soon as we arrived! We couldn’t move into our flat yet so we rented an Air Bnb while we waited for move in day. It would have been so nice to go directly to our place but it did give us a chance to see a different neighborhood filled with wonder before we settled in!

We took our two dogs with us (we couldn’t bare to leave them) and the process was surprisingly easy. We had to get the necessary paperwork together and I expected the Spanish policy to interrogate us at the airport, but we just walked out with dogs in hand. No one checked us!!! The gate agent in NYC asked to see the rabies paperwork and that was it! I was prepared to pull out all forms and put up my mom guard! Thankfully no such “mom” moment was needed and we headed on our way.

We had a few days to explore a bit before jumping into the IESE Business Spanish program. Two weeks of 6 hours a day of Spanish! Thankfully we had Sunday’s off but it was intense! Carson placed in a higher level than me thanks to his Portugese and I stared in level 2! It was a lot. New country, new environment, and straight into class. I haven’t had to use my brain like that since I was 18! As a dancer, I started my career right away and didn’t attend any further schooling. It took me a few mins to remember how to use that side of my brain. Lots of studying, one panic attack, and six erasers later, I survived it and passed to level 4! Woot!


moving on…

Sadly it was then time for me to go back to the US for work. That was a tough decision because I wasn’t ready to give up my career as a Choreographer but I also wasn’t ready to leave Carson and our pups behind. I owe a HUGE thank you to each and every studio, dancer, and director that welcomed me with open arms providing me a space to create and be fulfilled. I NEEDED it. I didn’t think I did with this new adventure of ours but this choreography season was a special one. Sacrifice always makes the reward sweeter and I think it pushed me to do my best. Create quality work worthy of the time spent away from my little family. After 2 months and 10 days apart I headed home! 40 something pieces of work later and I was pooped! Time to sleep and rejuvenate!


Oddly enough, that’s hard for me! I cannot seem to slow down and the idea of “taking time off” is so foreign to me. Due to Spanish law, I can’t exactly work with our type of visa so I technically am forced to take time off. I’ve got to find a purpose here for me. Dedicate myself to something so I can feel proud of me! I think that’s important. Carson will have his schooling that fills his time and I need to find my “thing” here. So…here is to a HUGE life change, living a little braver each day, and going #fullcheetah.



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  • Susie Barrett
    November 18, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    Message from your other mother:

    I enjoyed reading about your take on this move for you and Carson. I admire and love you for being coragous, bold and giving. I can’t wait to see what your nitch in Spain will be. It’s there and I can’t wait to read about it. Hugs


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