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Anniversary Celebrations with Our Favorite Wizards


May 7th was our five year wedding anniversary and it really snuck up on us. Time has flown by, but our lives have changed so much since we said “I do”. ┬áThe hubs surprised me with tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s basically in our backyard and we were dying to go!


Hogsmede is adorable. I felt like I was stepping into the movie. SO WELL DONE! We experienced Olivander’s wand shop and the many little wizards running around with new wands. I love that we love amusement parks. Well to be honest we are mostly Disney fans but Universal did a pretty good job with Harry Potter. Especially the main attraction at the castle. The queue itself was a t0ur of the Hogwarts Castle through Dumbledores office, Defense Against The Dark Arts Class, moving photographs, and so much attention to detail! It didn’t feel like we were waiting at all. The ride is the best part of the whole park. Its a mix of 3D graphics and real life roller coaster feel! I’ve never ridden anything like it! It did make Carson super sick. Poor guy.


I know I said the ride was the best part, but the Butterbeer came in a close second. It’s a magical butterscotch/root beer concoction that’d I would go back for! We had a blast. The rest of Universal Studios is what it is but Harry Potter was definitely worth a visit! I have so much fun running around with Carson and these are memories I will cherish forever! I’m so excited for the next year and many more ahead for us!



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