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10 ways to fake it as a European


The Spanish know how to live. I guess I could say Europeans in general have got it all figured out. Two hour lunches and long dinners with friends, weekend trips to the country, and a sense of calm that radiates from everyone. There is no hurried “lunch on the go”, streams of business men chatting frantically on the phone, or massive plates of wasteful food. I think they would giggle at us Americans and how addicted to work we are, the fact we take lunch at our desks, or eat plates of food the size of our heads. I’m also IN LOVE with European street style and how classy and bold everyone dresses. If I’m not careful, I’ll shop us dry 😉

so here’s a few tips if your going to pretend to fit in 😉

1. Wear dark colors and let your hair air dry (wham bam thank you sam).

2. Rock a pair of thick platform boots.

3. Eat a baguette like its your favorite piece of candy.

4. Show up late. #spanishstandardtime. (jk don’t be late but everyone here is!)

5. Drive a moto like you’ve done it since birth.

6. Bread, cheese, and chocolate are now your primary food groups.

7. Learn to exhale while walking past someone who smokes. And that’s everyone here.

8. Hold onto your valuables tight. You’re not in Kansas anymore.

9. Drink your beverages out of teeny tiny cups. #watershots

10. Live care free. No one cares how tall, short, fat, skinny, or purple you are. I can’t speak for all of Europe, but in Barcelona all is welcome.



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