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Hanoi, Vietnam


A TON of gorgeous shots from our day in Hanoi! I was pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous it was and I couldn’t stop taking pictures! It was our last stop on the trip and by this point we were beat. Luckily we landed a great AirBnb that was actually a cute little hotel (listed below)! The streets were insane in Vietnam and there are no rules! Keep your eyes open when crossing the street or you may not make it home! We saw families of four on motos and even dogs riding as passengers. Asian culture is so different than what I am used to and it was a whirlwind! A crazy rush everywhere we went! What an adventure we had.


















Here are my tips for visiting Vietnam!

  • If you are an American Citizen, you are required to have a travel visa to visit the country. It is EXPENSIVE to get online and we don’t have a Vietnam consulate here in BCN. So we did some research and discovered that a few travel agencies in Siem Reap could take care of the visa process for us. We contacted 5 Oceans Co¬†and they set it all up for us. We dropped off our passports, paid $50 (much cheaper than the $140 each online) and then picked them up a day later with the Visa! Super easy! If you are taking an Asia trip, look into local agencies where you are staying and most times they offer Visa help for the surrounding countries.
  • Only travel with a roller carry on and use Packing Cubes.
  • Stay Here. We LOVED this little Airbnb right next to the bustling night market and in the heart of the city!
  • Use UBER. Way easier than getting a cab and often times the cabs or tuk tuks will take advantage of you and over charge. We saved a bunch using UBER when we could!
  • Check out The Hanoi Social Club for breakfast or a tasty brunch! We actually went for dinner and it was delish. A super hipster environment with live music once a week. Be SMART about food and water! Only drink bottled water and shower with flip flops on. Be aware where you are eating and what’s in your food.
  • Things to see: Old Quarter, Hoa Lo Prison, Lake of the Restored Sword, and the Dong Xuan Night Market.

Feel free to comment below or reach out with any travel questions! I’d love to help anyone have the best trip possible!



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