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Halong Bay [Vietnam Travel Tips]

You guys! This is our LAST asian adventure post! It was a magical three weeks and I have all the tips in my previous posts about great Airbnb’s, Visa tips, and the best places to see! If you are taking a trip soon go check em out! We only had two days in Vietnam ( I would recommend a few more to see other cities) so we took the second day and headed out to Halong Bay. It is one of the 8 natural wonders of the world and a MUST SEE! OurĀ #jamesgangtravels tips are below a few photos we took!










  • There is no need for a place to stay! We just took a day trip from Hanoi!
  • Book your day trip when you arrive in Hanoi. We compared prices with another family who booked it online through trip advisor and they paid a bit more for the same thing. There are a ton of little “tour” shops on the streets so just find your favorite one!
  • Food is included! You can pay a higher price for better food with drinks included but we found the food to be just fine! I do suggest bringing your own bottled water!
  • Pack snacks. The bus ride is about 4 hours with a 30 min stop at a local tourist trap so bring something to eat and drink or else you may get stuck paying too much.
  • Take your camera. Halong Bay is simply stunning!!!!
  • Wear shoes you can walk in! The tour includes a stop through a huge cave that is really neat to explore.
  • Awesome day tour for families and couples alike!



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