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Paris With the #jamesgang


My last Paris recap post! I wanted to share a few more photos as well as the last bit of tips for visiting Paris! Is it just us or is it SO HARD to get pics with your significant other unless they are selfies? I am not equipped enough to set up a tripod and I really don’t want to carry that around. I’m pre apologizing for the bad quality selfies and iphone photos! I don’t trust anyone with my nikon! #firstworldprobs!




I know it is such a tourist move but we had to stop by Laduree and try the macaroons! They lived up to expectation and I am such a sucker for cute treats. The weather cleared up for a little bit (still freezing) and we walked up the Champs-Élysées towards the famous Arc De Triomphe. Our Paris Museum Pass (explained in this post) allowed us to climb up to the top and get an aerial view of the city. #worthit. As you can see it was raining and cold the ENTIRE trip so we are bundled nice and tight. #somuchformycuteoutfits. Of course we had to see the Eiffel Tower and we spent some time at the Catacombs of Paris and it was creepy. We waited in line for about 45 mins but I would say it was worth the wait. I’ve never seen so many real human bones and the sheer amount of them is mind boggling.







If any of you know us we are die hard Disney fans so we had to stop at Disneyland Paris! I was a little under whelmed but I do think it had to do with the time of year as well as most big things were closed. The park is gearing up for their 25 yr anniversary so we didn’t get to see it in all of its glory! I have heard from other Disney addicts they loved it so don’t let me deter you too much!





We stayed in this airbnb while touring the city and it was SO clean and SO modern. The host recently renovated the place and I wanted to move in full time! It is a bit out of the city, some of you may not love that, but it was right next to a metro stop and easy to head into the heart of Paris.

Have you been to Paris yet? What is your favorite spot?!



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