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What You Need To Know for Flight Travel with Dogs

Traveling tends to be a stressful process and adding a furry friend makes it a little more complicated. But never fear! I have all the insider tips for you whether it’s domestic or an international flight! I have included some of my favorite travel accessories as well! You may be sent to the product listed through an affiliate link! I only link the items I love!

You can find more information regarding documentation for international travel in this post here.

Dogs can travel on commercial flights in one of 4 ways:

IN CABIN: Dogs can travel with an adult in an airline approved carrier stowed under the seat in front of you. Different airlines have different weight restrictions so call ahead previous to booking.

We have been using “>black carrier as well as this one that’s a bit more stylish. This “>pet crates made by PetMate since they meet all the airline requirements! You can find more information about crate specifics here!

MANIFEST CARGO: Unaccompanied or very large pets will travel as manifest cargo in the hold.

SERVICE/COMFORT ANIMALS: Service and Emotional Animals can travel in the cabin with a disabled passenger on many airlines.

Traveling with a service/comfort animal requires specific documentation. Please call your flight carrier while booking to confirm details regarding service animals on board.

**check with your airline for complete policies. Some airlines don’t allow in cabin pet travel or cargo.

Helpful Airport Tips:

BUDGET FOR EXTRA FEES: Flying with dogs will cost you a bit extra! Prices can range from $50-$500 if you are flying as cargo and average $125 in cabin.

PET COMFORT: If your dog is traveling as cargo, place an old t-shirt or sweater in the kennel. It will smell like you and provide some comfort! Some airlines also require water and food in the kennel when they are traveling as cargo.

PET RELIEF AREAS: Some airports have indoor/outdoor pet relief areas in the terminals. You can find what airports provide this service with an easy google search! If the airport doesn’t contain a relief area, find a private restroom and put down a puppy pad!

SECURITY SCREENING: Pet will have to be taken out of carrier and a carried through metal detector. Put the pet carrier bag in the scanner first so you can easily place the dog back in the bag and collect your other things. Your hands will likely be swiped by TSA as added security.

KEEP YOUR PUP ON A LEASH: This is a common courtesy to other travelers, especially those with pets! I usually leave mine in the bag to avoid added stress.

My Favorite Pet Travel Accessories:


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