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Slow down sista…

There is so much I need to catch you up on! I missed out blogging yesterday since my day got away from me! so here is 5 quick updates, plus a little inspriration:)

#1: I AM MISSING MY HUBBY… I try not to be dramatic about it but were still kinda newlyweds and being apart is a little tough.  Only a couple more days till I’m home!

were silly!

# 2: I have fallen in love with the food options in Toronto…I think vegas is a little behind on the whole “healthy options” idea…Sure there are salads at chain resturants but I need a whole little place dedicated to eating healthy!  Maybe I’ll pave the way and start one:)

#3: I love being in a big city.  I find so much joy not having a car.  The amount of walking that I have done has not only been great for my legs but good for my soul! Provides a little vitamin D as well as good thinking time.

#4: Living without a cell phone has been a blessing.  I admit its hard not being able to call home or text Carson but its been so nice to leave the world behind for a bit. Im constantly on my phone and Ive realized I need to turn it off more often.  Give it a try one day and see how it goes!

#5: I broke the wallet and hit up Lulu Lemon! Ive been wishing for some of their apparel forever and finally got it! Love that place! I especially love their take on life and the chill atmosphere in the store:) I’m in love with the pants…Legs never looked so good! haha

Lulu Lemon!

The city has been good to me.

There is one last thing I wanted to touch on and continue for tomorrows post.  Someone made a comments the other day that really got me thinking.  The comment was something along the lines of “Your healthy habits are a little exhausting to be around”.  This didn’t offend me because its true. I do take things really seriously and let it seep into every other aspect of life.  I know that its hard to go out to eat with me because I’m picky and try to be healthy.  Im sure it gets annoying somedays.  I constantly make comments about food and body image with out knowing how often it occurs. Im far from perfect and have a lot to learn still. I think it has to do with old insecurities and learning balance with this new way of living. I’m glad someone pointed it out, a because it is something I can change. Carson always tells me to relax.  And that is exactly what I need to do.  Appreciate the new life style and relax. Let life happen and be patient with the journey.

More insights to come tomorrow!

How do you balance healthy living and a social life?


Jessie Ann



  • Pure2raw Twins
    July 15, 2011 at 1:43 am

    My fiance is away for 3 months for work and I am missing him too! We have been apart for a long time before but it still is never really easy. And I need to learn to get off my phone more often!!!

    • jessie.james
      July 15, 2011 at 3:35 am

      Oh my goodness! where is he at? that is so tough…but the best when you finally get to see him! Also, when is the big day?! I bet ill be right back on my phone the second i land…Ive got to be better too!


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