Utah day 1

Hey luvs!

Its been quite the day here in the hometown.  It truly is great to be here among so many close friends and family members.  I forgot how much I missed the mountains and the green everywhere!

Oh how I love my Instagram

I had the privledge of teaching today at the Center Stage Dance Intensive! It was a little bit strange being on the instructor side of things, quite a humbling experience, but an inspiring one to say the least.  Luckily I was prepared with choreography so teaching went smoothly.  I realized how much I missed teaching! There is something in the water these days I swear becauase all the kids are so dang talented! I’m looking forward to growing as a choreographer over the next three weeks as I get the chance to work with so much talent! After teaching I decided to grab myself a salad at one of my all time favorite places! Oh how I missed this place!

I had the Tofusion Salad filled with veggies and topped with a little salsa.

My family made some chicken fingers and sweet potato fries for dinner so I decided to make a little meal of my own! Remember my zucchinni fries? Well…I bought what I thought was a sweet potatoe ( it was a little white but tasted like a sweet potatoe) and gave it a whirl! I paired it with  a Kale salad filled with yellow squash, tomatoe, corn, and cucumber. I topped the salad with a little fresh Trout that my dad caught the day before! The only meat I trust is the one straight from the water to the grill. No processing plants or harmones added:)

It was a very tasty meal ladies and gents! I discovered lots of nuts in the freezer so I’m looking forward to try some new d

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