Growing Pains

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I want to talk a little bit about growing up. It seems like a such an easy normal thing but really why is it sometimes so difficult. The course of life seems to run naturally but bumps in the road don’t always feel so smooth. Yet somehow those bumps have shaped and molded us into exactly the people god intended us to be. It is most interesting to  stand in my shoes now, and look back on the last few years. life has changed in ways I never expected, with many good experiences, and hard, that have left me a new person. Coming back home I almost feel like a different soul walking in the door. But I’m pleased with the woman I’m trying to become and I think that is the most important lesson to be learned about growing up. It is our choice to molded in the way we choose and the outcome we’d like to see. Feeling comfortable and confident in your career, life choices, and dreams around others who may see different for you.  Feeling comfortable is tough walking back into an old setting among peers and colleagues and I often find myself putting unnecessary pressure on my self to prove that I still am, or are a better version of who I was.

Life presents opportunities for us to “prove” ourselves.  Not to anyone else…to ourselves.  To remind ourselves of the beautiful people we have become and are becoming.  To remind ourselves to shut out the pressures of the world and outside influences.  To remind ourselves of the people who love us, depend on us, and look up to us.  These small reflecting moments make me think more clearly of my attitude while being back where I grew up.  Noticing how things change, and people grow and how I’ve changed in my new adventures in life.  “Growing up” can be tough, but is the most important journey for us to complete well and prove to ourselves at the end of the road that we did it.  We did it well enough to move on to something even greater:)

what are your thoughts on your journey?

any tips on dealing with growing up and facing change?


Jessie Ann


  • Dallin James
    August 20, 2011 at 8:57 am


    The thing that I have learned the most, growing up, is to always stay true to your self. It’s really hard being surrounded by so many other influences you come across to know that. You have one person telling you yes and the next telling you no, one telling you jump and the other telling you to fall. I know that you know that you are just trying to take everything in and use all the knowledge that you can get, but at the end of the day, you know, in your heart or hearts, that your talent and integrity will trump all others. Just DO what you know and you will succeed. I know this and know that you too. I’m inspired by your words and hope that I can be a part of your, “growing up”. Love you and Carson,

    Your Brother and supporter,


    • jessie.james
      August 22, 2011 at 8:03 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment. It made me very happy to see a comment from you, and such a great one at that. Thank you for the advice as well. I’m sure you’d agree that sometimes its tough growing amongst life changes but I think thats what will shape us the most. Just remembering to stick to exactly ME and not someone else’s version. So happy to be apart of your family now and really appreciate all the love and support.

      much love,

      Jessie Ann


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