tuesday’s tips…

Hey Friends!

Some tips for your Tuesday…

don’t buy a bag of choco chips and have them near by

don’t get hooked to hulu at 9 am and expect to get anything done:)

don’t order a cute skirt from europe and hope the orders legit

do take time for some well needed mediation/yoga…and a little gym

do take time for baking a treat

don’t let that treat go to waste:)

do enjoy all the left overs… even if your meal makes no sense

do call the cable guy when the food network channel is frozen….

do check your bag 3 times to make sure you have everything before leaving to the first day back at work

do remember your choreography for the show tonight (it’s been a month..)

do intake a¬†delicious¬†green goodness smoothie on the way out the door…

That’s tuesday so far…we’ll see how work goes tonight:) Until then…


Jessie Ann

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