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Tuesdays Tips and new cardio

Hello friends!

Whoa…I’m on recovery mode after our crazy weekend and poor Carson had to go to work early yesterday moring and is back to work today.  He is a trooper and hopefully he can get some good rest tonight!

I feel like a brand new mommy with Remmie at home!  I knew that a new puppy would be a lot of work so I’m trying to keep all the puppy watching in perspective.  I have to keep my eyes on him at all times to make sure no little accidents happen and that I take him outside to pee.  He does give me a little bit of a purpose and I enjoy having someone at home needing me while Carson is at work.

Tips for the afternoon at Petsmart…

Don’t wander around the big dogs with a new yorkie

Do pick up the stain and odor carpet cleaner

Do spend 30 min staring at the puppy food options

Do read the ingredients

Don’t by the nasty “chicken by product”

Do ask for help and nod your head like you know what they are talking about

Do buy earplugs

Do order the puppy gate so you can practice yoga without squashing the puppy

Decide the yoga is no use without the gate….not worth dodging the little guy:)

do buy a rope toy….best distraction ever.


So there you have it folks.  I’ll keep you posted on the potty training progress (could take months haha) but he is so worth it:)

I did have some time to fit in a little gym time for myself today.

Cardio Interval Program on the Elliptical

I jumped on an Elliptical without a workout in mind so I put the machine on an Interval program and set the highest incline at 17 and the lowest at about 13 and the level of resistance at about 6.  I then let the machine change Intervals with the program and I pushed forward for 5 min and then backward for 5 min till I reached 35 min.  It felt great to get out of the house and just sweat!

So sorry tonight’s post is so late…Ive been a busy puppy momma all day potty training Remmie.

Wish us luck as we put him to bed!

Tell me about your Tuesday?

Did you get out and enjoy the last bit of summer?


Jessie Ann

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