100 Rep Workout and Cheesy Veggie Bake!

Hello friends!

I hope your weekend is going great! Things at the James household have been pretty normal.  Remmie peed and pooped outside so we did a little dance to celebrate and I finally got into the kitchen for some good cookin!

But first…

I found this workout over at Pure2Raw and healthywithheather and I had to give it a try! I wasnt feeling motivated to hit the gym so I hit it hard with this 100 rep workout followed by an hour of a new Power Yoga Podcast. Click here to take you to the Podcast link.

Why I loved this workout:

  1. Free and easy to do at home!
  2. Quick and works up a good sweat
  3. works every part of the body ( I was so sore the next day!)

Workout breakdown~ (from healthywithheather)

High knees – knees meet hands in front of you ~ each time both legs go up it’s 1 rep

Skater lunges – check out this video to see how slow skaters are done

Jumping jacks – everyone knows a jumping jack ~ go as fast + powerful as you can

Plié squat – wider legs with knees pointing to corners ~ make sure your knees track in the same direction as your toes during the squats

Thread the needle – start in a side plank on hand and feet with 1 arm going straight up into the air ~ thread that hand though the space between the ground and your body (pictured above)

Tackle hops – check out the sweat worthy weekend workout for a breakdown

Spiderman pushups – regular pushup, but with each rep bring a knee to your elbow, alternating sides

Straight leg lifts – begin seated leaning slightly back, hands on the ground ~ bring your straight legs up in front of you, then back down

Single leg squat – check out the sweat worthy weekend workout for a breakdown

Diamond push ups – check out the sweat worthy weekend workout for a breakdown

Notes: Make sure to include 5 minutes of dynamic warming up – don’t just jump into the workout.  Cool down + stretch after.


Let me know what you think!

Enjoy your weekend!!


Jessie Ann



  • LizAshlee
    October 2, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    What an awesome workout Jessie!! It sounds more difficult than heading to the gym! 🙂

    Happy Weekend!!!

    • jessie.james
      October 3, 2011 at 5:29 pm

      thank you! it actually was really hard haha! love a good quick, hard workout!

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