LDS General Conference Weekend

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I know I’m a little late but I wanted to post about the past weekend and General Conference.  We are so lucky to have a full weekend dedicated to learning about the Gospel and all from the comfort of my couch! Conference happens twice a year and we get to hear from the Leaders of our church.  The broadcast is world wide! When I lived it in Utah, we were lucky enough to attend General Conference at the beautiful Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

So neat to have that many members all gathered at the same place! Not to mention it is a beautiful building:)

There were a lot of talks based on the importance of families and keeping the world out of the home.  Technology is everywhere and easily distracts us from whats most important.  I pray I would first think to go to my knees rather than send a text. Although it’s just Carson and I, it’s important for us to talk about our future family and how we would like to raise our future kids.  Leaving the negativity, worldly pressures, and bad media at the door, and hopefully creating a safe haven for our family to come home to.

We also heard that “the most important lesson a father can teach his daughter is to love her mother”. That is so true!  So important to have good examples to grow up with.  I lucked out with an awesome family and good example to model my future family after so I want to provide that.

Conference left me feeling lifted and ready to take on the world!

Do you take time to listen and re-evaluate your life?


Jessie Ann


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