Checked That One Right Off! D&M Halloween!

Hey luvs!

Remember when I posted about my October goals? Well I checked one off! I have been talking about doing this for a couple months now and we finally made it happen.

We had a Donny & Marie cast game night with an added pumpkin carving bonus:)

I even snuck in some GF Broccoli filled Brownies!

The Crazy Crew

It was such a success! We played Charades and many rounds of Mofia! The games got intense (I think dancers are naturally competitive) and it was a good time! The pumpkin carving was a success as well and we roasted the seeds for another snack:)

I’m so glad everyone could make it on our day off and spend some time out of the workplace.  I’m lucky to work with such awesome people and have good friends.

What are your Halloween Plans?

What is your favorite Halloween treat?!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Jessie Ann

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