Staying on Track While on Tour

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Can you believe it’s already December 1st?! Where has the year gone?! It feels like yesterday that I was in NYC for Christmas with the show, getting to know the cast, and apartment searching in Vegas. Wow the year has flown by! It makes me sad to think how quickly time passes but with the passing of time, memories are made and we grow.

I’m so glad that I’ve got a little bit more time on my hands to catch up on my favorite blogs, as well as write up some new posts.  Due to our call time for the show not being until later, Ive got some time to myself most of the day.  I don’t know what to do with myself with spare time but it may be a good thing once and awhile to stop and slow down.

Now, down to the good stuff.  How many of you get nervous about gaining weight while traveling? I sure do.  It’s tough to make your own food while living in hotels and watch what you eat constantly eating out.  Never fear because it’s all about trial and error! This is what I have found in my experience traveling!

Plan ahead: Hit the grocery store before you leave.  Pack natural snacks that you know are good for you and those cookies on the plane won’t even be a problem.

Hit the local market: Stop at the grocery store to stock up on fresh fruit, quick (natural) oats, waters, and other items for easy breakfasts and snacks.  Not only will that save a little money, but you control what you are eating.  Eating out is the common killer for me when it comes to traveling so planning ahead keeps me in control!

Yelp or Google food options. Yelp is my best friend! As soon as I get settled I yelp vegan, gluten free, vegetarian options and go find them! Gives me a little fresh air, exercise, and good food!

Fitness on the road: If you are lucky enough to have a hotel with a small gym, take advantage of it! If not, here are a few of my favorite workouts that don’t require any equipment.

Fit Hotties Rock Workout

100 rep workout

Fierce Friday Workout

Gym-Free Workout

Another great way to get a little excercise is to explore your surroundings.  Be sure to do it safely and be aware of the area you are currently in.  Since I’m in Detroit, I probably can’t do much exploring but I’m looking forward to Chicago:) Walk around, find local spots to eat, see the sites, and enjoy the fresh air! You’ll never know those legs will be getting toned while exploring!

Relax.  Remember not to stress too much about food and fitness or you will loose out on a lot of good traveling experiences.  Be patient and find the best options you can! Don’t let fear of weight gain ruin your vacation and splurge on a few of those local gems!

Happy Thursday!


Jessie Ann

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