Motown Rhythm and Blues!

Hello friends!

It’s a chilly day here in Detroit but we bundled up and made it out to the Motown Museum!  We stood in the recording studio that Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and the Jackson Five, recorded in! You could feel the history as our talented tour guide, singing and dancing, showed us around the home/recording studio of Berry Gordy Jr.

I learned so much today! Did you know that most of the artists walked in as kids from the neighborhood and left as stars? Not only did they record, but took classes called “artist development” to teach them etiquette, dancing, and grooming. I was fascinated by all the records, photos, and even Michael Jacksons famous stoned white glove and black fedora!  I felt honored to stand in that studio and marvel at the history that stands today!

Some of the band made it out and I am even more excited to perform our “Motown Medley” tonight in the show!

I wish that music was as honest today as it was back then.  Real artists without the latest technology adjusting their sound, singing about subjects they believed in.  Motown has lasted years and is celebrated today! I don’t think the same will be said about most music today in 60 years.  Music has such a large impact and if you take a look around at our society and the media, I’ll bet you’ll notice how similar it is.  Music speaks of drugs, sex, and violence and molds pop culture.  Not all music is that way today, and there are many artists who I enjoy, but I wish we could go back and see the value and respect that music had in those big Motown days.


Jessie Ann

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