Homeward Bound for the Holidays!

Hey Friends!

Things have been a little busy here in Chi Town and I wish that I had the correct cords to transfer some photos from my camera to show you what we’ve been up to!  That will just have to wait for a later post!  Yesterday was a busy one with 2 shows and a morning workout but I’m glad I survived.  I’m not so sure my body is doing to well due to the amount of walking coupled with shows.  I roll out of bed feeling like a stiff metal pole and as tight as those lulu wunder unders! (can you tell I really want a pair of those??) My back and hips are not my friends, and don’t get me started on my swollen dancer feet, but what kind of a dancer would I be if I wasn’t pushing my body this hard? Probably a smart one, but I love what I do too much to let soreness get in the way:)

I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas? I remember as a child I would count down the days and loose sleep with excitement! I wish I was feeling that anticipation now but with travels it has all slipped my mind and we havent been able to be apart of the usual family traditions.  I’m very grateful we fly home saturday in time for Christmas Eve and I can’t wait to see family and of course our little pup!

One thing that I do love about this time of year, is winter fashion! I love love love layers! Here are some of my favorites! Images Via Pinterest

Colored Jeans. Baggy Sweater. Perfection.

Every girl needs glitter for the holidays…

These colors scream a little more spring, but you bet I’d rock those this time of year! I love a good pink!

What are your favorite winter fashion pieces this year??

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


Jessie Ann




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