February Confessions

Hello Friends!

Happy groundhog day! When I was little I always wished we had that day off of school and I never understood why I had to be there….

Anyway, It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and I apologize for the absence! Life is getting a little bit more settled with Carson in Utah and me in Vegas so I should be posting more often!

I can’t believe February is here?! Where did January go?? I love February because of Valentines day(it’ll be Carson and I’s first as a married couple!) and my birthday! I will finally be 21! Maybe we can even figure out a way to be in the same state for those holidays:)

Here is the February list:

1. February is the month of Love. So LOVE it is for my one and only:) oh and remmie (he deserves a little love too!) Make this Valentines special for Carson. Maybe some DIY goodness this year??

2. READ! I recently purchased a new book and I’m making a goal to finish it this month as well as continue my daily scripture study. Scripture study was one of my new years resolutions this year and I’m doing good so far! I need to keep it up and not let my computer steal me away:)

3. Look for another job opportunity. I’ve got a good amount of time on my hands with Carson gone, so I need something to keep me busy before I head to Donny & Marie. BalletBlast keeps me fit and busy in the mornings but I need a little bit more going for me:)

4. YOGA. Hopefully with another job will come with a little more cash and a little more cash would mean more yoga! I love taking yoga at a studio but sometimes it gets a little pricey:)

(someday. Image via pinterest)

5. February is birthday month for me:) maybe something fabulous to celebrate in??

(images Via Pinterest)

6. Do something I’ve been putting off. ORGANIZE. I hate organizing! This means I need to get on top of organizing my receipts, mail, important docs, and such:)

7. Do something spontaneous! Go vist my girl Haylee in LA! I’ve been dying to get out there to take class and see her! She is such a big part of my life and I miss her!!

88. Enjoy the goodies!

(image via pinterest)

I hope this month holds exciting adventures! Looking forward to more memories to come:)

What are your February confessions? What do you look forward to this month?


Jessie Ann

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  • Carson James
    February 3, 2012 at 1:30 am

    love you like you love gluten free goods


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