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Hey friends!

i just wanted to take a quick second and fill you all in on the lates fitness over here:) as i posted here i am trying new things to change my body and get rid of those negative thoughts i have about my body.  so far it is week two of jamie easons livefit trainer and i’ve enjoyed it so far.

the only downside in phase 1 is there isn’t a whole lot of cardio and i have decided to add my own cardio in until i reach phase 2.  cardio is such a battle for me and i decided to try running a try.  i can’t run long distances to save my life (remember my fear of getting snatched? thats why..) so i got on the Internet and decided to try intervals!

i gave this interval run a try yesterday and it was killer! i was sweaty…thank you fitsugar.com!

eating clean has been going pretty well as well! i still have a ton to figure out tho. i’m a good snacker so that’s a task to control these days:) sometimes i feel with the way that i eat and exercise, i should be tiny, but im not.  so i’m still learning what my body responds to and what it doesn’t. i don’t eat meat with the exception of a little bit of fish, lots of veggies, fruits, mostly gluten free, and i enjoy vegan and raw foods as well. funny how life changes and i’m still learning so many things.  i get frustrated easy these days with the lack of results, and dealing with being on stage nightly, but its a work in progress. i want balance in my life, and i dont want to be crazy, or exhausting to be around when it comes to food. so how do you find balance while following a healthy lifestyle? i’ll let you know when i’ve mastered it:)

some eats lately:)

meatless meatballs (from trader joes) veggie salad

tilapia salad

roasted veggie salad

of course there are a lot of green smoothies, GF toast, egg scrambles, homemade pizza, and fresh juice! but i do love popcorn and a good occasional treat.  sometimes too many treats;) but it’s life so i’m going to enjoy it! i always post great eats but believe me i do have my moments when i slip and then make my way back.  but its a work in progress!


do you feel your routine has plateaued?

how do you switch it up?

what way do you find balance with an occasional treat?


Jessie Ann


  • Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl
    March 23, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    I had to start getting creative with my cardio. Luckily, there are lots of pins for great cardio/HIIT/Tabata workouts. And I now follow different plans on BodyBuilding.com to workout my body. I just make sure I keep moving in some fashion.

    Taken up crossfit, a new class at the gym, go out for a hike {I’m itching to do the latter now the weather is warming up again}.

    As for weight. Its plateaued for a long time. And drives me bonkers! I was actually gaining weight for a while lifting {muscle}, but its plateaued too. Thankfully.

    • jessie.james
      March 26, 2012 at 7:11 pm

      thank you christine! i seriously was getting so frustrated with the plateau but im hoping this new venture will help me see changes! so many options out there it gets a little overwhelming!


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