{tiny buddha} we are what we think

lovely little post for you guys today…

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.” ~Buddha

i’ve posted about my tiny buddha emails before and lately i haven’t been reading them as i should.  a coupe of days ago i received one called Are Things Happening For or Against You? and it really applied to what i was feeling that day. so i thought i would share it with all of you:)

life has been changing like crazy over here and i think that leaving the show coupled with coming back to utah put me in a little head spin.  i’ve also got high expectations of how my 12 weeks of LiveFit should turn out and i’ve been in putting a lot of pressure on myself to reach goals that may take more than 12 weeks.

the article discusses an AM and FM radio and how we control which station our brain listens to.

There are things that happen that you can say are Against Me, and there are things that happen that you can say are For Me. Whether you choose to tune in to the AM or the FM really controls how you react to those things.

we control all of our body’s functions whether you believe it or not.  the article discuss that we control how we feel at all times, no matter the circumstance.  the article gives the example of someone winning the lottery and you would think that would be a time of excitement but for some it is a time of worry and fear.  fear of robbery, kidnapping and holding for ransom, or loosing it all too quickly.  those thoughts are our choice.  so in my case, the end of my 12 weeks is approaching soon and i’m afraid of not seeing any results.  that was my choice whether i knew i was making it or not.  because of those thoughts, i may not have been bringing positive change to my body.  but that stops now. so i will try to make an effort to switch my radio to FM and a “for me”.  even the awful times are “for me” not against me and helping me reach my goals.  so as i start week 2 of phase 3 i’m going to do everything “for me” from now on.  i don’t think changing my thoughts will be an easy task, but one that is starting right now!

do you think your thoughts are affecting you and your progress??


Jessie Ann

*all bolded quotes from Tiny Buddha


  • Amanda@RunToTheFinish
    May 15, 2012 at 12:01 am

    i have no doubts my thoughts are effecting my progress in lots of areas! i put a ton of pressure on myself and sometimes that can be motivating to an extent in other ways it simply makes things harder

    thanks for pointing me to that site, i’m signing up for the newsletter

    • jessie.james
      May 17, 2012 at 4:48 am

      of course! tiny buddha is a great reminder coming your way everyday!


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