Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Final Review

hey all!

remember when i told you all about spirulina? well, after learning more about it here, its pretty bomb.

it’s been over a week now of taking spirulina in either tablet form or powder.  maybe try this smoothie and see what you think…

remember…don’t judge a smoothie by its color!

here is what i found:

  • great source of quick energy! i normally tried to take the tablets in the morning but there were some days that i missed it! i could feel the afternoon slump at about 2 pm so i took my tablets then!  it was the perfect boost.  i wanted to call those stupid 5 hour energy commercials and tell them all about spirulina!
  • i learned in the twitter chat that spirulina is an awesome source of protein! woot! i always need more protein:)
  • the powder is tasteless.  i can’t even taste it my smoothies:) always a plus because sometimes i get nervous how green things will taste:)
  • spirulina helps restore what birth control and antibiotics strip our bodies of.

  • i also enjoyed giving the bioastin a shot! it’s great for recovery after a work out! i haven’t noticed a huge change yet because i am always changing my work out and feeling sore, but i have noticed a difference in the pain in my lower back.  usually, i am always waking up in pain the day after working out, but i have noticed a difference since starting the bioastin. this is a product i will continue to take!

i just wanted to thank NUTREX HAWAII as well as FITFLUENTIAL for letting me be apart of this! i really enjoyed reviewing this product and all the new information i know have!


jessie ann

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