My Fitness Bucket list Challenge

hey friends!

so i am sure that you all have bucket lists and believe me, i have many.  recently, fitfluential started a fun little challenge and i jumped on board.  we were asked to create a board on pinterest called #fitnessbucketlist and pin everything we wanted to do before we die fitness related! so first of all, i am obssessed with pinterest and you can follow me here!

some of my bucket list items include

woot! i wanna get certified as an NASM personal trainer! can you see me kickin butts at the gym? I hope so:)

that’s right folks…tough freakin mudder! this one is going to happen since carson and i are signed up! i’m a little nervous but so stoked at the same time! hopefully i will be ready by the time october rolls around…

ok so these women are super fierce…and it’s probably a huge long shot but i wanna be rocking some nike and be in one of these ads! a girl can dream right? and i’ll take a set of those abs too…

take more reformer pilates classes…i love these classes but unfortunately they are out of the budget right now! someday soon!

become a holistic nutritionist through integrative nutrition. i would love to be a wellness coach someday! i can just imagine having my own business where i can train as well as counsel clients to be their best selves! someday folks!

TRX training…i wanna try this so bad! i wish i had an unlimited pass to a gym that offered every type of fitness and i could just sample it all!

those are just a few of mine and now its your turn! i wanna hear what your fitness/health bucket list items are! it can be anything! put those cute pair of LULU LEMON crops on the list or a sweet pair of new running shoes! put a good recipe on the list, or a place you wanna visit! i wanna see it all:) so here is my challenge to you, email me your list and i will post it up on the blog! i would love to hear what you guys want to achieve and inspire me to put it on my list! its fun to hear what others are putting on their list as well as checking them off!

cheers to bucket lists!

email me @ jessie.thacker@gmail.com


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  • Reese Evans
    October 5, 2021 at 6:17 am

    Thank you very much for sharing your ideas. Your fitness tips encouraged people to become aware of health consciousness. A gym workout is the better option for fitness in our busy schedules.


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