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happy Saturday everyone! this week had been crazy so I am excited for the weekend!

woot woot!! thursday was an interesting day. work was normal, teaching was great, but then i had ZERO desire to go to the gym…carson headed to work and i had at least a couple of hours to kill. i figured since i had no desire to go, i needed to switch things up a bit. it just so happened that i had a TOUGH MUDDER update email sitting in my inbox with a link to the training ideas. so i clicked and holy cow….the hardest little workout popped on my screen. i have this large fear that tough mudder is going to kill me, so i decided to start training now. its 4 months away…


anyhow, the workout was designed as a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, which i enjoy, so i gave it a shot. holy smokes. killer! the workout had 5 circuits and looked a little like this…

  • 5 min warm up (run)
  • 2 min cardio
  • 1 min obstacle
  • 2 min cardio
  • 1 min obstacle
  • 2 min cardio
  • 1 min rest

each circuit was different and corresponded with some of the obstacles that will be in the race! have you ever tried doing mountain climbers with paper plate or towels under your feet? so hard. i’m really hoping that i’ll master some pull ups by the time october rolls around! so i’ve decided to do more HIIT type workouts to get me ready!!

I’ve been struggling with finding a workout program since finishing livefit and I decided to do my own thing! 3 days of HIIT and 3 days of moderate cardio and weights. we’ll see how that goes! Anyhow… Here is a little workout for you to try! Let me know what you think of HIIT once you complete it!

image via pinterest

5 min warm up: cardio of choice then 45 seconds of hard work and 15 seconds to rest! rest for 1 min in between circuits.  here it is

Circuit 1:

  • jump rope
  • spider push ups
  • jumping jacks
  • squat and press ( i used 45lb barbell)
  • burpee’s
  • REST

Circuit 2:

  • skater jumps
  • plank crawl
  • ski jumper (place a towell on the floor next to your feet.  keep feet together and jump over the towell like a skier. jump back and forth)
  • side dips
  • standing mountain climbers
  • REST

Circuit 3:

  • high knees (with or without jump rope)
  • side lunge slide with towell  (switch legs half way through)
  • box jumps
  • tricep dips (us the box as a ledge)
  • scissor jump lunge
  • REST

repeat 2×3 times!

here are some videos of some of the exercises above in case you are confused:) good luck!!!!


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  • Becky Arnell
    June 25, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Jessie!! You’re doing Tough Mudder! Good for you girl, I’ve been thinking about signing up! I still have 5 days to make the decision:) haha. Good luck and wish me luck in deciding! You look so great!!


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