spoonful of fitness fashion

happy friday!

we made it! its finally the weekend and waking up at 5 for early crossfit makes the days seem like forever! so cheers for the weekend and at least an extra hour of sleep!

since getting more involved with crossfit, i am green with envy of all the cute workout gear at the gym! i find myself browsing under armour, nike, lulu lemon, and other athletic wear more than the new fall fashion lines!  i’m sure many of you think i’m slightly crazy to spend money on clothes i sweat in, but you tell me if you feel more fit in a baggy tee shirt, or a cute workout top? I vote cute workout top:) plus, if i want to rock my new gear, that means i need to get my butt to the gym! (it’s a good motivator for me!)  now how do i persuade carson to believe that logic??

you can find all of this at Nike, Lulu Lemon, or Under Armour.  i love it all! now i just need my paychecks so i can make this happen!

what is your favorite fitness fashion line?



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  • kristen fox
    September 15, 2012 at 2:38 am



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