spoonful of thanks! 10 things to be grateful for already

hey all! happy tuesday!

i hope that everybody’s monday went well! i am a little shocked it’s already november and even more shocked that there are christmas decor and candy for sale at smiths. WHAT HAPPENED TO THANKSGIVING?! why does christmas have to come out the day after halloween? geez it makes me crazy!

one quick thing before i get to my real point… have you checked out the turkey day challenge? so far i have 7 dollars in my jar. yikes! lets just say that last weekend was not my best so this week is a new start! woot! it’s not too late to join so jump on in!

we had an awesome weekend with my company kids that i direct at center stage competing at NYCDA. so proud of all of our dancers as we did so well this past weekend!

i am one lucky lady to work with these talented kids each day which brings me to today’s post. it’s only november 6th and i am beginning to remember why i love november so much.

  1. my little family. so grateful to have carson and remmie around to keep me sane!
  2. utah. as much as i complain of the cold, utah is beautiful this time of year and it reminds me to slow down and smell the roses…or leaves??
  3. health. i am grateful to have my health to support me in all i do.
  4. my center stage dancers. grateful they put up with my crazy self.
  5. my right to vote. we are so blessed to exercise that right!
  6. carson’s schooling. he is almost graduated and we are so looking forward to the next step in his career!
  7. the presence of god in my life.
  8. 8. work. we feel blessed to be working and providing for ourselves.
  9. 9. family. it’s been nice to be so close to family and be around to celebrate family events.
  10. 10. my blog. I love having an outlet so thanks for listening:)


Now go out and vote!


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  • Kierston
    November 6, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    I love to take time and think about what I’m thankful for. Great post 🙂


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